Vioro: Vicenza’s Prosecco

Vioro: Vicenza’s Prosecco is now dressed for celebration.
The mirror gold bottle is a tribute to the city of Vicenza, the city of gold. This Renaissant city famous for its goldsmith tradition.

Prosecco is young people’s favorite wine, the first choice for happy hour, as it is sparkling, refreshing, and perfect to share with friends in the early evening. If you come to Italy, you will always see before dinner time, people standing outside sipping a good glass of Prosecco.


Vicenza’s Prosecco: a long tradition

In Vicenza, the contemporary happy hour tradition with Prosecco has some roots in the past.

In 1754 a local writer composed a poem and signed it with the pseudonym “Aureliano Acanti”. He listed all wines he knew produced in the surroundings, and among them, there is Prosecco!

He spoke about the Prosecco of Monteberico, which is one of the hills stretching south from the city of Vicenza (Berici Hills).

And his words about it are very flattering:

“So much it is worth, this Prosecco,
that I would not exchange it
not even with the ambrosia of the gods”

All this means that Prosecco wine is attested in the Vicenza area since at least 1754.
A long tradition indeed, and we are still in love with our favorite sparkling wine.

Vioro: Vicenza’s Prosecco in Pink!

But history is an evolution and we have recently witnessed a historical change in Prosecco tradition. Since November 2020 we have also Prosecco Rosé.

Until now, it didn’t exist. The protection Consortium has decided on its creation, starting from November 2020.

Prosecco could only be produced with the Glera grape variety, but with the new regulation, 5% of Pinot Noir can be added to give the rosé color.

The new wine is fermented for 2 months and it’s a millesimato.

The protection Consortium of Prosecco DOC has decided: the Prosecco Rosé is to be produced soon. Until now this was not possible. In fact, in order to produce a rosé wine at least one red berry variety must be present in the grapes.

Until the recent amendment of the regulations, Prosecco could only be produced with the Glera grape variety, as well as other white berries (in small percentages). With the decision of the Consortium, on the other hand, the possibility of using Pinot Noir was introduced, which will therefore allow Prosecco Rosé wine to be produced starting from 2020.

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