Vicenza, a Renaissance jewel with a long tradition of goldsmith art, brings you the GOLDEN bubbles


Prosecco Doc Spumante Brut

Bright and vivid in color, sparkling and slightly aromatic note, bubbly and refreshing taste with a dry finish. 

Mirror gold bottle

Prosecco wine has been documented in the Vicenza area since 1754. A local writer, Aureliano Acanti, composed a poem called “Roccolo Ditirambo”, in which he spoke about the Prosecco of Monteberico (Vicenza’s hills):

“So much it is worth, this Prosecco,
that I would not exchange it
not even with the ambrosia of the gods”

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Prosecco Rosé

Prosecco Rosé Doc Spumante Extra Dry

Prosecco wine, a global best-seller, is now produced also in rosé.

The protection Consortium has decided on its creation, starting from November 2020.

The rosé color is obtained with 5% of Pinot Noir grape.
The new wine is fermented for 2 months and it’s a millesimato.

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